Pre-booking is required using this link: If your plans change, simply cancel the booked session online and you will be refunded.
There is no waiting list so you can pre-book then come along.
We cater for all skating levels.
Our SkateUK sessions are on Saturdays starting at 11:45 and Sundays from 12:00 (please see the Beginners Timetable tab for details).
Your first lesson is free then the cost is £8:50 per week after that.

We set up 30 minutes in advance of session start times and group 1 for beginners starts on Saturdays at 11:45. Groups 1 & 2 run concurrently for 30 mins then 3 & 4 etc.
You’re welcome to stay on the ice to practice for the entire 90 minute club session.
We also have a 90 minute Club session on Sundays where the higher level SkateUK members have their lessons and you can come along to practice; this costs £4.
You can come for 4 sessions before membership fees are due: £20 annually from September (you pay a reduced pro rata amount joining part way through the year).
We have a stock of figure skates which are free for you to use. Figure skates are important as the blade has two edges and these are essential for executing the skills correctly. You can pre-book your skates – check the Facebook page for the link.
Assessment is continuous so skaters work through the levels at their own pace, and you’ll get a Record of Achievement card to keep track of your progress.
Multiple thin layers of clothing keep you warmer than one thick jacket and it’s best not to wear jeans as they get very wet and cold if you fall. Remember your gloves!
We recommend that levels 1 and 2 wear a helmet for protection.
Please follow our Facebook and Instagram (morayfsc) pages to keep up to date with Club information.