Skate UK is a programme of basic skills; these are the fundamentals of the sport. Once a skater has completed this programme then they have the basic knowledge of the sport. This programme is tested under a progressive and continuous testing structure. The Skate UK program teaches movement and basic ice-skating skills for skaters of all ages in 8 clear stages. Most rinks in the UK will have some kind of registered Learn to Skate course but NISA can only advise that you register for a Skate UK course.

Skate UK is delivered by NISA qualified coaches and provides you with a high standard award scheme.  We must state that not all the rinks in the UK offer the Skate UK course, however NISA would always recommend you book a course tutored by NISA Qualified Coaches.

Once you have passed levels 1-8 then you will progress onto Skate UK Star. These are awarded at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Over Gold levels. This is a higher-level NISA test system than Skate UK, and UK Star must be attained before progressing to competition level. The Skate UK Star classes follow immediately after the Skate UK classes on a Saturday.