The Club has the pad booked to allow competitive skaters to practice and improve their field moves and routines without disruption. These times are exclusively for MFSC competitive skaters and you are expected to attend these as often and practicably as you can. In addition to club ice, the coaches (Sue and Graeme) run 30-minute group lessons during these periods for a minimal fee (Fri only) in addition to practice ice.

The times and costs for club ice are:

Friday 5.15 – 7.15pm
Cost: £13 for ice and group lesson
Group lesson 5.15 – 5.45 pm

Sunday 7.45am – 1.30pm
Cost: £20 (5 hrs 45 mins ice time including 2 x 30 min group lessons and 2 x 30 minute off ice flexibility class (as available)).
Group Lessons

Group 1 & 2 Off Ice Flexibility
10.15-10.45 and 12.00-12.30
Group 1 & 2 Ice Lesson
10.45-11.15 and 11.30-12.00
 Group 3 & 4 Ice Lesson
10.15-10.45 and 12.00-12.30
Group 3 & 4 Off Ice Flexibility
10.45-11.15 and 11.30-12.00

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